Expectations of a Constantly Connected Generation

Technology is transforming society in fundamental ways as new generations grow up using portable digital devices, often before they can even walk or talk. In this 24/7 online world we take connectivity and engagement for granted, evolving into a digitally divided society. The haves and have nots, the online and the disconnected, the technically savvy and the digitally discouraged. From millennials to baby boomers the differences between our generational expectations is growing and a new “fear of the young” has emerged. In this session we will discuss the challenges and opportunities that IT professionals face, and ask the difficult questions necessary to bring our culture together in a truly connected environment.

In this presentation we will examine the historical events that have bookmarked the generations of the past century, and compare these to the recent advanced in technology that have influenced the micro-generations of today: the internet generation, the mobile generation, tablet generation, etc.

Collateral Change: Finding Balance In Our Digitally Evolving World

Is there any doubt that this is the Age of Disruption? Technology is rending the fabric of society as we know it, driving historic levels of transformative change and mind-boggling opportunities. But what are the consequences of this disruption on the lives of everyday citizens? The ramifications run deep, and it’s time to shift our focus from the technology to the resulting “collateral change” in human behavior. We’ve long passed some serious tipping points. This provocative session explores new communication paradigms, runaway device infatuation, generation gaps, radical education, future game-changers and creative ways to engage the “new citizen.”

Mixed Reality Tools for the Blended Classroom

First shared at the UELMA and UCET Conferences in March 2018, this one hour presentation guides participants through three easy to use AR and VR apps guaranteed to engage students with mixed reality resources in the classroom. Participants will learn to use Google Expeditions, Merge Cubes, and be introduced to CoSpaces Edu to create classroom experiences that will support curriculum in all grade levels and content areas.

10 Tech Tools to Challenge Gender Stereotypes

Collaborative Presentation by Michael Hakkarinen & Michelle Zey Hakkarinen

First presented at the SUECON2015 Conference, Michelle and Michael shared tools that teachers can use to challenge the gender stereotypes that our educational system inadvertently perpetuates through experiences, instruction, and extra-curricular activities.  First reviewing brain research and media, the presenters then compare their own childhood experiences to who they have become today.  Finally, instructional technology tools and ideas are shared to help teachers become more aware of the equality of opportunities provided to all learners.


(TEDx Talk from 2013)

Educators have chosen the profession of preparing today’s children to be tomorrow’s adults.  We must do so in a way that prepares them for their unimaginable future and not our rapidly changing present. If we fear the changes brought on by technology, and refuse to participate in the new reality constructed through social media, then we are perpetuating a self professing doom.  Our students deserve more, and we must deliver, with bravery.  Watch the TEDx Talk here!