2019 ISTE Portfolio – The Final Artifact

Summary: ISTE Presentation 2019
“Online Video for Just In Time Teacher Learning”

UEN PDTV was created in 2015 and has evolved over the last four years to become a high-quality video library for teachers to access when they need specific tutorials and support.  Both the library of videos and the number of viewers has grown substantially as episodes are embedded in our online courses and repurposed for other learning experiences.

This summer I had the opportunity to share the story of UEN PDTV at the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia during a breakout session.  Collaborating with UEN Video Team Lead Katie Garrett, the two of us put together the presentation you see above.  The audience was very receptive to our online video professional development strategies and we made many connections afterwards as attendees visited us with questions and requests for resources.

I’ve chosen to share this artifact last as it represents a culmination of many efforts over the last four years.  Much like how theses videos have evolved in quality, so has my instructional technology coaching.  And just like with my online courses, in person trainings, workshops, and video tutorials, I plan to align future UEN PDTV projects to the ISTE standards for educators.

ISTE Criteria Addressed & Rationales

4 – Learner: Report changes made to teaching practice based on timely, research-based best practices.

Time Stamp 2:11 – The UEN Professional Development team created an online webinar every Wednesday afternoon called “Faculty Lounge” in order to share tips and tricks for using instructional technology tools.  From 2011-2014 this screencast based webinar series enjoyed a substantial run and strong viewer base, but in 2015 numbers began to drop.  In the process of researching the data collected by view counts, we noticed that even though there were fewer live viewers, we still had a significant amount of views of archived videos.  Therefore, we adjusted our programming structure from a live webinar to a pre-recorded episode.  This change in format let to an increase in the overall number of viewers and “UEN PDTV was born!”

24 – Analyst: Use assessment data to inform and guide instruction based on individual student needs.

Time Stamp 14:37 – Now that our online video library is growing, we also want to insure that teachers know when new content is made available.  Through the use of social media and the tool “Buffer”, we have found that the best time to release a video online is Tuesday at about 10:00 AM.  Although this data isn’t from an assessment in the true classroom sense, it is a data specific formative and summative assessment of how our instructional content is used by educators.  Using this real time data we are then able to most effectively share content to our educators in Utah.

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