2019 ISTE Artifact 11

“RESTORE” Workshops and “Collateral Change” Keynote Presentations

“Collateral Change: Finding Balance In Our Digitally Evolving World”
Keynote Description: Is there any doubt that this is the Age of Disruption? Technology is rending the fabric of society as we know it, driving historic levels of transformative change and mind-boggling opportunities. But what are the consequences of this disruption on the lives of everyday citizens? The ramifications run deep, and it’s time to shift our focus from the technology to the resulting “collateral change” in human behavior. We’ve long passed some serious tipping points. This provocative session explores new communication paradigms, runaway device infatuation, generation gaps, radical education, future game-changers and creative ways to engage the “new citizen.”

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ISTE Criteria Addressed & Rationales

2 – Learner:
Set Professional Learning Goals

In January of 2018 I was asked to create a presentation that would address the effects of smartphones and connected devices on our brains and the development of our children.

Creating presentations and doing the research to build them is very enjoyable to me.  Speaking in front of a large audience is absolutely terrifying. Realizing that I needed to get over this hurdle to be successful as an educator I accepted the challenge and began practicing for my first presentation in Tallahassee, Florida last May.  By the end of the year I presented this new keynote at ten conferences around the country.

While I did meet my original goal of revising the previous presentation into a quality keynote, I also found myself looking for yet another revision.  In February of 2019 I was able to take the 45-60 minute keynote and share it in the form of a 90 minute workshop at the AcceleratED and IntegratED Conferences in Portland, Oregon.

Finally, in a third step of improving this presentation, I enrolled in the ISTE Sponsored TED Masterclass Course and used the skills acquired to further improve the engaging storytelling and visual elements of my presentation.

Hakkarinen ISTE TED Masterclass

8 –   Citizen:
Implement learning experiences for students to be empathetic and socially responsible

Empathy and social responsibility start within.  In my “RESTORE” and “Collateral Change” keynotes I equate this to the oxygen mask on an airplane.  Directions are given to put on your own before you help others. This is not because you should put yourself first so much as the fact that you can’t take care of others if you don’t care of yourself first.  How can you help someone else when you’re passing out from lack of oxygen to your brain?

Please refer to the RESTORE hand out and the PDF version of the slideshow from the IntegratED Conference in Portland, specifically slides 105-134 that cover the issues of over use of technology, how to balance tech, and the dangers of using technology while driving.

11 – Citizen: Model responsible use including protection of digital identity and personal data

In the middle portion of my RESTORE and Collateral Change Keynote presentation I demonstrate how an Amazon Echo and Google Home can “pass” the Turin test.  The purpose of this demonstration is to show that the Alexa and Google Home “bots” will actually begin to speak to each other. If the A.I. is so indistinguishable from a human that even A.I. can’t tell the difference between a human and a computer, and they’re always listening, we could be in real trouble.

This topic then rolls into the issues of compulsive spending, protecting your personal data on social media, and being responsible for your use of technology in every day life. 

Please refer to slides 55-65 of the attached slideshow in PDF format as well as the RESTORE Handout for specific evidence.

Additional Resources & Information

Keynote Presentation Venues:
Florida Digital Government Summit, May 3, 2017
New Jersey Digital Government Summit, May 22, 2018
Alabama Digital Government Summit, May 24, 2018
Oregon Digital Government Summit, June 20, 2018
Commonwealth of Virginia Information Technology Summit, September 6, 2018
Georgia Digital Government Summit, September 20, 2018
Ohio Digital Government Summit, October 31, 2018
Pennsylvania Digital Government Summit, November 29, 2018
Texas CIO Academy, December 5, 2018
IntegratED & AcceleratED OEC Conferences, February 20-21, 2019
NYC Public Sector CIO Academy, April 9, 2019
Louisiana Digital Government Summit, June 18, 2019
Los Angeles Digital Government Summit, August 28, 2019
North Carolina Digital Government Summit, August 29, 2019
California Digital Government Summit, September 10, 2019
Utah Digital Teaching and Learning Conference, September 17, 2019
Georgia Higher Education “Interact” Conference, September 19, 2019
Arizona CIO/CTO Forum, October 3, 2019

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