Growth Mindset & Canvas At The Winter Sports School

The Winter Sports School in Park City, Utah is one of my favorite schools to work with.  Their staff and administration are both forward thinking, and put students first.  That’s a tricky combination especially when your school year is flipped!  Check out how this learning community can provide an entire year of instruction over the course of just seven months, freeing up the winter months for their unique winter athlete students time to train and compete.

6 Strategies for Shifting School Culture with Canvas

URSA Conference 2019 Presentation
Utah State Eastern – Price, Utah
Wednesday, July 10th @ 1:30 PM in the Reeves Building Rm 124
Friday, July 12th @ 11:45 AM in the Central Instruction Building Room 126

The Canvas LMS is an effective tool for blending instruction in your school, but how do you get that shift started? In this session we will look at six ways administrators can use Canvas with staff to get teachers moving towards using Canvas in their classrooms.  Running parallel to the presentation will be a Canvas Course in the UEN Instance with examples.  Join the UEN course to see examples at

Ogden School District & Student Success with Google Education

Ogden School District is a Google Reference District with over 130 Google Certified Educators and 300+ Google Certifications!  They’re not only a premier Google School District, but a premier school district in general.  Using Google tools to engage students, enhance education, and transform learning is just what they do.  Learn more as we visit an elementary teacher, middle school math teacher, and high school science teacher to see how Google tools are used with students at all grade levels.

NYC CIO Academy 2019

Nathans-with-AlecThank you to the NYC Public Sector CIO Academy for having me as a guest today.  It was a pleasure to visit back east, see the Big Apple, take a morning walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and spend some time with my old college pal, Alec Gold.  Alec was kind enough to pick me up at the airport for some delicious, authentic, Brooklyn cuisine.  Nathan’s Original as an hors’dourvres and then some delicious pizza from L&B Spumoni Gardens.  Now that’s “I”talian!

As promised, here is a PDF version of the Keynote Presentation you saw today – Collateral Change NYC CIO 2019 PDF

And if you’d like to try to RESTORE the use of tech in your life with your family and/or co-workers, check out both the online form and the paper version on my website at

Digital Distractions: A Conversation with Dr. David Strayer

On this episode of UEN PDTV I had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. David Strayer, co-founder of the Applied Cognition Lab at the University of Utah.  It was Dr. Stayer’s research that exposed the dangers of texting and driving back in the early 2000’s.  The ACL and his team continue that research today as they study the effects of digital devices one our attention, cognition, and mental health.

Dr. Stayer has been featured on Oprah, testified before the U.S. Congress about the dangers of digitally distracted driving, interviewed on countless news programs, and featured in several books.  Two recent publications include A Deadly Wandering by Matt Richtel, and The Nature Fix by Florence Williams.  Both are excellent reads that use research from the University of Utah Applied Cognition Lab that will make you rethink how you use technology in your life.

During this short interview Dr. Stayer shared with me some of his concerns about the digitally distracted and constantly connected generations that we are teaching in our schools today.

UCET 2019 Canvas Presentations

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 at 2:00 PM in the Silver Creek room on the third floor, join me for “Six Strategies for Shifting School Culture with Canvas”

Presentation Description:  The Canvas LMS is an effective tool for blending instruction in your school, but how do you get that shift started? In this session we will look at six ways administrators can use Canvas with staff to get teachers moving towards using Canvas in their classrooms.  Enjoy the embedded Google Slideshow below, and join the UEN Canvas Course to see examples created and demonstrated during the event. 

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 from 10:00 AM – Noon, stop by the Playground area on the second floor to see my poster session “Maybe We Do Need Some Stinkin’ Badges” and learn how to get started with the Badgr LTI for Canvas.

Presentation Description: The new “Badgr” platform has been adapted by Instructure as the native badging system for Canvas. Do you know how to use it? Stop by for a quick tutorial and some ideas for using Badgr with your Canvas instance to gamify learning, setup a micro-credentialing system, and more!  Check out the embeded Google Slideshow below and download the handouts from here  2018-10-13 Badges Made Easy with Badgr Handouts

AcceleratED & IntegratED 2019 Presentations

As a fourth and fifth grade teacher I often told students, “You’re one of two things in this world.  Either you’re weird, or you’re boring.”  Portland is weird.  And the AcceleratED / IntegratED conferences have been anything but boring. The UEN PD Team has had a great time visiting this beautiful green state full of interesting people.


Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop format of “RESTORE” this week in Portland, Oregon.  As promised, all of the slides and handouts are available below:

RESTORE Workshop Oregon 2019

RESTORE Workshop Handout

C-Forum Google Expedition & Tour

Join us today at C-Forum for a tour around the Wasatch Front of Utah!  In this Google VR Tour you’ll get to see how educational technology has changed the way students are learning in our schools, how local companies are supporting digital teaching and learning, and visit the University of Utah where the UEN PD Team works hard to create new educational resources.


Step 1: Open the Google Tour “Changes In Utah EdTech 2018” at in your Google Chrome Browser or on your mobile device.

Google Cardboard IconIf you’d like to experience the tour in true virtual reality use your mobile device and look for the little Google Cardboard icon to put it in VR view.  Slip your device into a set of Google Cardboards or any VR headset that will accommodate your phone.

Step 2: Download the “Changes In Utah EdTech Google VR Tour” Changes in Utah Ed Tech Tour Questions Handout 2018 activity sheet or a make a copy for yourself in Google Drive to complete on your computer.

Step 3: Move through the eight scenes and click on the information icons to find the answers to the questions on your activity sheet.

For more information about how to create your own Google Tour in Google Tour Creator check out the Google Tour Creator Help Page.

Or, sign up for the UEN PD Two Day Course “Mixed Reality for Education” being offered this year on campus at the University of Utah.  Current UEN PD Courses are available at


COVITS2018: Collateral Change Presentation

Thank you everyone who attended the COVITS event in Richmond today.  You may be a crowd of “Wahoos” and “Hokies”, but I definitely enjoyed sharing with you and getting to meet people afterwards.  As promised, here is a PDF version of the slides I used:

Collateral Change 2018 Virginia COVITS

Image Link to COVITS18 Survey

How did you like that survey we did at the beginning of the presentation?  Want to see the results?  Click the image to the left to see them in a linked Google Doc.

As mentioned in the presentation, The CodeRVA High School magnet program promoting computer science is doubling in size this year.  Read more from here from the July 22, 2018 article by Justin Mattingly in the Richmond Dispatch 

If you are concerned about computer science being taught in your Virginia schools, visit for more information and download the Virginia Computer Science Fact Sheet.

Interested in the Virginia Virtual High School program?  Check out

Videos Used in the Presentation can be found at YouTube and embedded below:

Florida Digital Government Summit

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the summit yesterday.  It was a pleasure to share with you and enjoy the hospitality of beautiful Tallhassee, Florida.

If you would like to view the slides used in the “Collateral Change” presentation you can download a PDF Version here that also includes notes.  Many of the citations for work shared, images and data are on each slide or can be found in the notes.  For any specific information or any questions please contact me through this website here 

Presentation Slides PDF Version – Collateral Change 2018 FLORIDA

Videos Used in the Presentation can be found at YouTube and embedded below: