ISTE20 Live: Poster Session

Presenting at the ISTE Conference is always an honor, and this year was no different. Well, a little different because it was virtual and we weren’t across the street from Disney Land (I really wanted to visit Galaxy’s Edge and make my own lightsaber), but it was also empowering and energizing to meet people all over the world by video conferencing for an hour. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated.

Below I’ve added links to all of the resources shared in the “Restore: 7 Steps to Finding Balance with Tech In Your Life” poster session, which are also online and available at the ISTE Poster Session Landing page until June 2021. (You will need to be logged in to the ISTE Conference website to access.)

Restore PowerPoint Slides
This is the presentation shared during poster session with speaker notes. You are welcome to use this presentation in anyway that supports your own instruction.

Restore Discussion Questions
In this Google slide deck you’ll find cards you can share either virtually or in-person. Note that some may be better aligned for different age groups and suggestions for their usage are included in the speaker notes.

Restore Suggested Reading and Listening
A Google Doc with short book and podcast reviews as well as links to many of the resources I’ve used in creating this presentation and activity.

Restore Google Form
This easy to use form allows you to reflect on how you use technology and record your own ideas on how to find balance. To use, create a copy of the form into your own Google account. From there you can share it with your community and make adjustments as necessary.

Restore One Page PDF
If you prefer a traditional tech-free paper and pencil activity to spark reflection!
(Click the download button below)

Harmonize Discussions & STEM at Chaffey College

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting a group of teachers from Chaffey College to share the capabilities of Harmonize Discussions and annotation tools. With rich media posts, interactive topics, and the power of both image and video annotation online discussions can take on a completely new role in your courses. The engaging power of media combined with the annotations provides students with an active learning tool.

Thank you Professor Shannon Jessen of Chaffey for hosting the webinar!
Click on this ZOOM LINK to see the entire presentation.

And embedded below is a short tutorial video on how to use the Image and Video Annotation Tools in a Harmonize Discussion. For more info check out the Harmonize Support Guides.

Career Change!

With this post I’m excited to share some job front news. This month I have joined 42 Lines as their “Harmonize Success Coach.” This is an interesting title for an interesting position. Part trainer, part customer success coach, and part customer support, it’s a new opportunity with a new product that I’ve enjoyed using over the last few months – the Harmonize Discussion LTI.

Check out the short product overview video below to see how Harmonize can be used with a Learning Management System. By leveraging what works best with social media platforms; easy uploading of multi media files, and tagging, Harmonize helps instructors and students connect with each other and the content. Fewer clicks, more connections. Increased engagement leads to decreased drop out and failure rates. Fight that feeling of isolation in an online course with a robust discussion platform to build community and increase social presence.

Although change is never easy, I’m excited to step into this new role and learn how educational software is designed, launched, and revised over time. It will also be interesting to learn more about the relationship between the educational technology industry and higher education clients.

Get ready to see more posts about using discussions in online courses, engaging students, and Harmonize – the LTI to “take discussions further!”

Massachusetts Digital Government “Collateral Change” Slideshow

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the “Collateral Change” presentation this afternoon.  It was a pleasure to meet and talk with many of you afterwards and hear about your experiences balancing technology in your lives both at home and at work.  Congratulations to all of you on the great work you do to keep Massachusetts safe and secure for everyone.

As promised, here is a PDF file of all the slides you saw today – Collateral Change Massachussets 2019

And some food for thought… here are the results for the final survey question:

Forgotten Smart Phone Survey

This means 73% of us at the Digital Government Summit would have felt a sense of panic if we had forgotten our device this morning. That’s a lot of power we give these little devices.  Take a break.  Turn off your phone later today or tomorrow at the event and see what happens.  The first few minutes might seem a little painful, but after a bit of time you’ll start to see what you’re missing in the world around you.

Thanks again for the opportunity to visit!  And as always, Go Ravens 🙂

Massachusetts Distracted Driving Campaign

Getting people to stop driving while digitally distracted requires more than building awareness, it requires behavior change.  When we hear about people who text and drive we direct that fault on those around us.

“I don’t do that, it’s someone else.  And if I do text and drive, it’s okay because I’m an excellent multitasker.”

No you’re not.

This recent campaign from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, the Massachusetts State Police and Department of Transportation does an excellent job of encouraging drivers – “don’t be that guy”.

Learn more at their website –


Illinois Digital Government Summit – Collateral Change Presentation Slides

Thank you to Reilly Mortimer of eRepublic and the Illinois Digital Government Summit Advisory Board for having me today as a guest speaker at your event.  Kiitos!  It was a pleasure to visit Springfield for the first time.   Now I can’t wait to go grab a slice of Gabatoni’s Pizza.

As promised, here is a PDF containing all of the slides and the information shared today:  Collateral Change Illinois DGS 2019

Ron Mike Reilly It was an honor to meet Illinois Secretary of Innovation and Technology / State CIO Ron Guerrier.  And also quite intimidating to present after hearing from Governor Pritzker.

Everyone in Illinois is lucky to have forward thinking, well balanced tech minded people leading the state into the future.

Until next time, don’t forget to keep your eye out for Mikael Hakkarainen to start getting some time at center. Go Blackhawks!

Mixed Reality & Genius Hour at SUMS Conference 2019

IMG_8452It’s always a pleasure to travel down to St. George in the fall to spend a day with Librarians and Media Specialists from all over Utah who attend the SUMS Conference.  Thank you Chris Haught of SEDC for putting together a fantastic event and inviting us from UEN to come down and present.

If you’d like to access the Apple Keynote presentation that I shared in the first session covering the Mixed Reality Tools for Education, here is a PDF version – Mixed Reality Course SUMS 2019

And for all of the Genius Hour presentation materials shared in session 2, they are all shared in a Google Folder linked here.

Also, if you’d like to take the online course “Sparking Curiosity with Genius Hour” taught by Chris, register online at the UEN PD Catalog Site 


Collateral Change at the Michigan Digital Government Summit


Thank you “Michiganders” for a chance to return and visit the Mitten State!  It was nice to meet and talk with many of you about the way Information Technology is supporting the residents of Michigan.  Thank you for your time and attention, and as promised, here is a PDF File of all the slides you saw this morning in the Collateral Change presentation.

Collateral Change Michigan DGS 2019

If You Forgot Your Phone Today

And a brief take-away thought for you if you’re one of the 70% of us in the room that would feel “Oh No!” or “Crisis” if we forgot our phone today…

That little device doesn’t deserve that much power over your mental well being.  As you put in to place new ways to restore balance to your digital life, don’t forget to replace the tech time you take away with new quality time activities.  Spend time connecting with your loved ones in person.  Explore your community.  Meet new people.  Learn new things.  There will be a very short sense of loss when you set down and power off the constantly connected technology (dopamine), but it will quickly be replaced with a sense of satisfaction and purpose that will not wear off anytime soon (serotonin).