Collateral Change Materials for Arizona CIO – CTO Forum

Michael In TempeThat was fun.  I like Arizona Educators, you guys are great!  Thank you for having me in beautiful Tempe.  My trip has been a delight.  Hiking up Hayden Butte to the top of “A Mountain” was fun last night.  In the near future I will have to return to spend more time on Mill Avenue in search of the perfect taco.  And Fuzzy’s will be my first stop!  Thank you for the advice.

As promised, here are the slides you saw in the presentation today in PDF Format:
Collateral Change Arizona CIO:CTO 2019

And if you’re interested in the survey results from the Google Form about personal phone use you can see them here:
AZ CIO CTO Survey Results

Thank you Sacramento!

Wow, I needed that.  Cool temperatures, delicious seafood, and a great group of people to meet at the California Digital Government Summit.  As promised, before jumping on an airplane I’m posting a link to the slides you saw this morning in PDF Format. Collateral Change SACRAMENTO September 2019

If you’re interested to learn more about what’s happening with student smart phones and devices at San Mateo High School, check out the story here from ABC7 News, “San Mateo High School setting trends with phone-free policy, fielding calls from across the country”

Until next time, follow me on Instagram @michaelhakkarinen and check out the great pictures I took on my walk last night around your beautiful city posted below.



Collateral Change… in North Carolina

NC State Capitol BuildingThank you eRepublic and the North Carolina Digital Government Summit Advisory Board for the invitation to visit and present yesterday.  It was a pleasure to visit your beautiful state and the city of Raleigh. As a former Marylander I’m always happy to revisit the East Coast for some southern hospitality and decent seafood!  St. Roch’s on Wilmington Street did NOT disappoint.

As promised, here are some links to the resources I shared. You’ll find a PDF File with every slide from the presentation here – Collateral Change North Carolina August 2019, and also a summary of the audience survey results regarding tech use on this Google Doc.

If you have questions, need more resources, or would like to share some of your own success stories about finding balance with the technology in your lives please contact me.  Until next time… Go Terps! 🙂

“Collateral Change” Presentation at the Louisiana Digital Government Summit 2019

Thank you Louisiana Government Information Technology employees!  It was a pleasure to visit your beautiful state, enjoy delicious seafood, get to know a little about you, and hear some of your stories about balancing technology at work and at home.


As promised, linked below is a PDF file of the slides I used in my “Collateral Change” presentation this afternoon.

And although he was asleep, I was able to see “Mike the Tiger” over at the gorgeous LSU Campus.  Geaux Tigers!

Collateral Change Louisiana 2019 Keynote Slides

NETA2019: Mixed Reality Presentation

Here’s an opportunity to sample emerging technologies including both augmented reality applications for portable devices and a mix of virtual reality applications. At the end of this session you will be more familiar with the benefits of using 3-D enhanced resources for student engagement and learning.

Join us today (1/23/2019) at 3:30 PM in the Wasatch Room at the 2019 NETA Conference.

uen gpb presenters

Andrew MacCartney, Vice President Education and Digital Media, Georgia Public Broadcasting
Laura Evans, Education Director, Georgia Public Broadcasting
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Michael Hakkarinen, Instructional Technology Trainer – Utah Education Network
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gpb virtual fieldtrips
Click here to explore the Georgia Public Media Virtual Field Trips

mixed reality course sign up cardThe “Mixed Reality for Education” in person class will provide educators with a sampling of emerging technologies including both augmented reality applications for portable devices, and a mix of virtual reality applications. By the end of the two day experience each participant will have learned the benefits of using 3-D enhanced resources to engage students. Through this understanding, each participant will also create and share a “redefined” classroom lesson that includes AR and/or VR student experiences.

Click here to learn more about the Mixed Reality for Education course offered by UEN to Utah educators.

Download a PDF Version of our slideshow from this link – mixed reality – neta 2019
mixed reality slideshow

UEN PDTV Episode: VR In the Classroom

UEN PDTV Episode: VR In Higher Education

Texas Public Sector CIO Academy 2018 Presentation

Texas Capital Building MH

Thank you Austin, Texas!  It was a short trip but worth it.  Along with meeting fantastic people who work to serve this great state and the 12 million Texans who live here, I also got to enjoy some delicious fish tacos at Turf & Surf Po-Boy, and amazing BBQ at Coopers.

Collateral Change Intro SlideIf you were there for my “Collateral Change” presentation you know I promised you the slides.  So here they are in PDF format – Collateral Change 2018 Texas CIO Academy Slides

Also, if you have any personal stories about restoring the balance of technology in your life I’d love to hear them.  Click comment below to share publicly, or use the Contact Me page to send me a direct message.

A Trip Home! The Pennsylvania Digital Government Summit

Thank you Pennsylvania for inviting me to share “Collateral Change” with you at the Digital Government Summit.  I enjoyed the opportunity to return to my origin, pick up some authentic Hershey’s chocolate and enjoy a Yuengling!

As promised, all of my slides and the information in them can be found here in PDF Format: Collateral Change 2018 Pennsylvania DGS Slides

Until next time… Go Terps!  (Sorry. You Penn State fans know Maryland needs all the help they can get.)

Ohio Digital Government Summit 2018 – Collateral Change Presentation Resources

Thank you to THE Ohio State University, eRepublic, and everyone who attended the Ohio Digital Government Summit today.  As promised, here is a PDF version of the slides I used this morning.  Although this doesn’t capture all of the interactive graphics and transitions, you will find the data and images are easy to access.
Click here to download the PDF – Collateral Change 2018 OHIO Slides

And if you’re interested in the survey results from the Google Form activity they’re all available here – Ohio DGS 2018 Collateral Change Survey Results

If you forgot your phone Ohio resultsThis is my favorite graph, the one showing results to the question on how you’d feel if you forgot your smart phone.  The results are very telling as to how dependent we have become on our digital devices.  If you answered “Crisis” or “Oh No”, like almost 75% of us did, think about what it is about your device that you depend on.  Is it for navigation? Connectivity to work or family?Access to apps and tools that allow you do to your job better?  That’s probably not a bad thing here in the year 2018. But if it’s something else, and you don’t feel good about it, what can you do take back control?

Additional resources about education and technology in Ohio in the presentation were found at:

Blended Learning & House Bill 2

Computer Science Instead of Algebra 2

Texting and Driving Law Effective October 29, 2018


Georgia Digital Government Summit 2018 “Collateral Change” Resources

Thank you Atlanta!  What a great day.  I got to meet so many nice people and really enjoyed hearing stories from everyone about “No Screen Sundays”, Tech-Free Dinners, No Device Dallas Games, and a great story about a 10 Day Meditation Retreat near Jessup, Georgia that sounds absolutely amazing.  Interested?  Click the link to learn more.

As promised, here is a PDF version of the slides I used:

Collateral Change 2018 GEORGIA

If you are concerned about computer science being taught in your Georgia K-12 Schools check out, or go directly to the Georgia Fact Sheet.

Interested in the Georgia Virtual High School program?  Check out 

Want to read more about Chromebooks in Kalb County (pronounced like cab, sorry about that) you can find the article here at the Neighbor Newspapers website.

And finally – thank you for providing support and doing all that you do with technology at the Georgia State Government.  Over 10 million people depend on you to keep their state running smoothly, something no one should take for granted.

Oregon Digital Government Summit – Collateral Change Presentation

This place is beautiful!  Thank you Oregonians for inviting me to Salem for this eRepublic event.  It is a pleasure to share with you, meet all the nice people working for the Oregon State Government, and visit your beautiful state.

As promised, attached below are the slides I shared in Apple Keynote downloaded in PDF Format.  If you would like any other content, or have questions, please email me directly at

Collateral Change 2018 OREGON Slides

And of course, by popular demand – here’s that picture I took of Mt. Hood while flying in to Portland.  If I actually make it to “Voo Doo Donuts” I’ll put the obligatory tourist selfie with it as well.  Stay tuned!

Mt Hood Airplane Wing