Canvas + Google Docs = Cloud Assignment Success

Google Docs has long been an amazing tool for collecting student writing, fostering collaboration, and teaching authentic efficiency through cloud computing.  During the COVID-19 “Soft School Closures” here in Utah this tool has taken on a new role.  Google Docs is the new paper for teachers and students separated by a fear of Coronavirus germs.

With students and parents struggling to make sense of remote learning classroom solutions the last thing educators want to do is put content and assignments in yet another place online.  For educators using Canvas, it’s easy to add your Google Docs assignments right into your course, collect work from students in one place, and provide feedback (grades).

In this short video screencast I’ll walk you through the process for creating a “Google Docs Cloud Assignment” in Canvas.

Need more help?  The Canvas Guides provide step-by-step instructions with up to date screen-captures and examples.  Click here for more!

Sevier School District PD Day – 2020!

There is no better way to start a new year than going to Richfield, Utah and working with excellent educators from the Sevier School District.  These people know how to return to school after a nice winter break… with a day of Professional Development!


Thank you Brandon Harrison of CUES for inviting us down to share with you.  Today I had the pleasure of leading three breakout sessions.  All of the content from each one is available in the links below.  And if you have questions that aren’t answered there, please email me at    Happy New Year!

Nearpod 101: An Introduction to Nearpod
In this hands-on session we will cover the basics of using Nearpod. What is it? How does it transform learning? What kind of content is included? After a short demo of a simple lesson demonstrating the differences between running a “Live Lesson” in Nearpod and running a “Student Paced” version, teachers will also practice signing into the website, looking through the Nearpod Lesson Library, and adding lessons to use with your students.

If you missed this session, check out the self-paced lesson linked here.
The code for this lesson is TFRCG

And if you want to learn more about Nearpod, be sure to sign up for the UEN “MOOC” here at

Neaten Your Nearpod Lessons with Google Slides
In 2019 Nearpod introduced a new way to build your own lessons with Google Slides. In this session you will learn how to turn on the Nearpod Add-On in your Google Slides and turn on some cool new ways to create engaging learning activities that look great.

This lesson is available not in Nearpod, but in Google Slides linked here.

Video Editing Made Easy with Adobe Rush
Adobe Rush makes it easy to go straight from shooting video to publishing on the web. This easy to use app works across multiple platforms. Powerful tools like graphic overlays and editing resources are simple to access. Publishing is also a snap with direct uploads to YouTube, Facebook, and more.  In this session we will go over the basics of getting started with Adobe Rush so you can easily use it with your students.

View the PowerPoint from this session here.

Or, just watch this amazing episode of UEN PDTV where Jami Gardner and I talk about how easy it is to use Adobe Rush…

“Google Apps for Financial Literacy” at the Jump$tart 2019 Summit

The Utah Jump$tart Coalition organized this excellent summit in Salt Lake City to support the educators teaching our students about financial literacy.  Attendees receive the book Google Apps for Learning Financial Literacy by Courtney Snyder.

In my 40 minute presentation we will review the Google Tools utilized in the book, share some tips on making teaching with Google Apps easier for both teachers and learners, and then look at an easy way to use the Canvas LMS to assign and grade student content created with Google Apps.

Check out the entire presentation embedded below and refer back to the resources embedded as you are teaching Financial Literacy with Google Apps.

VR In the Classroom on UEN PDTV

Spending time in the classroom with students is my favorite part of being an educator.  And this spring, I was fortunate to be invited to Joel P. Jensen Middle School in West Jordan, Utah.  Media Specialist Belinda Gambrino and Teacher Dustin Plott invited us to share a lesson using Google Expeditions with a group of kids who meet after school to learn more about Innovation and Design in their MakerSpace STEM Program.  Take a look at the video above to see how well VR and other Mixed Reality Tools engage learners in new ways.

Google Expeditions at the Utah Google Summit 2018

IMG_0024Thank you to the Nebo School District and EdTechTeam for the opportunity to share my presentation “Expedite Excitement with Google Expeditions” at the Utah Google Summit – Salem Hills High School, June 12-13, 2018.

If you attended and would like access to the Google Slides you can access a copy here, or scroll through them in the embedded window below.

The short 90-minute Google Expeditions presentation was just one segment of our UEN Two Day Course, “Mixed Reality for Education”

If you’re interested in taking this course for USBE or SUU credit, and you’re a Utah Educator, sign up here at our UEN GoSignMeUp Online Registration Website, or email me directly –

And for more information on how to set up a Google Expeditions activity in your classroom, visit the Google “What is Expeditions” Support Page.