ISTE20 Live: Poster Session

Presenting at the ISTE Conference is always an honor, and this year was no different. Well, a little different because it was virtual and we weren’t across the street from Disney Land (I really wanted to visit Galaxy’s Edge and make my own lightsaber), but it was also empowering and energizing to meet people all over the world by video conferencing for an hour. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated.

Below I’ve added links to all of the resources shared in the “Restore: 7 Steps to Finding Balance with Tech In Your Life” poster session, which are also online and available at the ISTE Poster Session Landing page until June 2021. (You will need to be logged in to the ISTE Conference website to access.)

Restore PowerPoint Slides
This is the presentation shared during poster session with speaker notes. You are welcome to use this presentation in anyway that supports your own instruction.

Restore Discussion Questions
In this Google slide deck you’ll find cards you can share either virtually or in-person. Note that some may be better aligned for different age groups and suggestions for their usage are included in the speaker notes.

Restore Suggested Reading and Listening
A Google Doc with short book and podcast reviews as well as links to many of the resources I’ve used in creating this presentation and activity.

Restore Google Form
This easy to use form allows you to reflect on how you use technology and record your own ideas on how to find balance. To use, create a copy of the form into your own Google account. From there you can share it with your community and make adjustments as necessary.

Restore One Page PDF
If you prefer a traditional tech-free paper and pencil activity to spark reflection!
(Click the download button below)

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