Career Change!

With this post I’m excited to share some job front news. This month I have joined 42 Lines as their “Harmonize Success Coach.” This is an interesting title for an interesting position. Part trainer, part customer success coach, and part customer support, it’s a new opportunity with a new product that I’ve enjoyed using over the last few months – the Harmonize Discussion LTI.

Check out the short product overview video below to see how Harmonize can be used with a Learning Management System. By leveraging what works best with social media platforms; easy uploading of multi media files, and tagging, Harmonize helps instructors and students connect with each other and the content. Fewer clicks, more connections. Increased engagement leads to decreased drop out and failure rates. Fight that feeling of isolation in an online course with a robust discussion platform to build community and increase social presence.

Although change is never easy, I’m excited to step into this new role and learn how educational software is designed, launched, and revised over time. It will also be interesting to learn more about the relationship between the educational technology industry and higher education clients.

Get ready to see more posts about using discussions in online courses, engaging students, and Harmonize – the LTI to “take discussions further!”

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