Canvas + Google Docs = Cloud Assignment Success

Google Docs has long been an amazing tool for collecting student writing, fostering collaboration, and teaching authentic efficiency through cloud computing.  During the COVID-19 “Soft School Closures” here in Utah this tool has taken on a new role.  Google Docs is the new paper for teachers and students separated by a fear of Coronavirus germs.

With students and parents struggling to make sense of remote learning classroom solutions the last thing educators want to do is put content and assignments in yet another place online.  For educators using Canvas, it’s easy to add your Google Docs assignments right into your course, collect work from students in one place, and provide feedback (grades).

In this short video screencast I’ll walk you through the process for creating a “Google Docs Cloud Assignment” in Canvas.

Need more help?  The Canvas Guides provide step-by-step instructions with up to date screen-captures and examples.  Click here for more!

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