Fight Fake News!

“Fake News” has become more than a catchphrase for politicians to use in an attempt to discredit media that is unfavorable to their image or campaign.  Today “Fake News” threatens our democracy, compromises our access to content, and most importantly, “Fake News” maliciously manipulates how our students interpret themselves and the world around them.  Misinformation, propaganda, and click bait is being weaponized to influence the way we vote, spend money, and accept members of our community who are different from ourselves.

In the book Fact vs. Fiction: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in the Age of Fake News, Jennifer Lagarde and Darren Hudgins lay out an effective curriculum for teaching the critical thinking and media literacy skills that our students desperately need today.  How do we teach students to recognize valid resources from fake news?  Differentiate facts from opinions? Identify biased reporting?

Using information from this book, along with some tools available to Utah Educators from Utah’s Online Library, the following poster was displayed at both the UELMA and UCET Conferences in March, 2020.


All of the information on this poster board can be accessed and printed form the following Google Slide Show – “Fight Fake News with Utah’s Online Library” which is also embedded below.  Please take this information and share it with everyone in your classrooms, libraries, and schools.


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