Did Outside Mag Just Shame the Tech Shamers?

Check out this very interesting and thought provoking article about Tech Shaming and phones in the wilderness from Outside Magazine –

“Let’s Stop Judging People for Using Phones Outside”

My first thought upon reading was “oh shit, I do that.”  I totally tech shame those who are texting and hiking or stopping to check their phone every mile or two on a mountain bike ride.  And if you’ve seen my presentation you’ve heard me talk about the Finnish phenomenon of “Metsänpeitto” which is certainly vulnerable to invasive tech events like emails, Slack messages, and Asana or Basecamp assignment notifications.

But then again, if you’ve seen my presentation, you’ve also heard me say “if your smart phone is the best camera you own, take it with you on your nature adventures, and put it in Airplane Mode so you won’t be interrupted by the outside world.”

My message is balance, and specifically how to RESTORE that balance.  Run the experiment in the wilderness with your device just like you do at home and at work.  Don’t let it become a barrier, use it as a bridge.  Use your smart phone as a GPS device, a beacon, an emergency responder, or a digital camera.  Just don’t let it use you.  Don’t let it interrupt your needs and attention.  Take time to zone out and think about nothing,  worry about nothing, or stop worrying.

I agree with the author, Marissa Stephenson, that technology can be an outdoor enhancer and you don’t always need nature to get away.  More importantly, I agree that we shame others for doing the things we know we do too much ourselves.  Think about that the next time you point out someone texting and driving.

And finally – some proof.  I took this selfie on a trail, while hiking, with my phone.
No shame.


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