2019 ISTE Artifact 12

The Water Cycle in VR Lesson Plan

Water Cycle in VR Lesson Plan PDF
Created by Aaron Pratt with Revisions & Additions by Michael Hakkarinen

Water Cycle VR Google Tour
Created by Aaron Pratt for UEN Course “Mixed Reality In Education” (Fall 2018)

ISTE Criteria Addressed & Rationale

12 – Collaborator: Collaborate with another educator

During the Fall 2018 Session of our “Mixed Reality In Education” course I met Aaron Pratt, a fourth grade classroom teacher at the Scholar Academy Charter School in Toole, Utah.

Aaron wanted to create a VR Experience for his students as they learned about the water cycle.  After creating a Google Tour and activity he requested assistance using VR Headsets. With UEN Resources, and the UEN PDTV film crew along for the ride, we went to the Scholar Academy to revise the lesson, add ISTE Standards, practice using the technology, and then completed the lesson.

Attached above is a copy of the lesson with details showing the collaboration and revisions.

16 – Designer: Align to content area standards

While collaborating on the Water Lesson Plan with Aaron Pratt, we also added in all of the appropriate Utah Science Standards.  We do this on many occasions since UEN.org, or main website, has access to all of the Utah Core Standards with links directly to teacher resources.

We require that all teacher created lessons submitted as evidence in UEN courses have specific links to Utah Core Standards and include a demonstration of using the UEN.org website and Teacher Toolbox to access them.

Additional Evidence:
UEN PDTV “Teacher Created Virtual Field Trips”

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