2019 ISTE Artifact 10

UEN PDTV Interview with Dr. Strayer

In the role of professional development specialist serving the state of Utah, I do not get much time to work directly with students.  My students are educators.  This video from UEN PDTV shows one way I can indirectly support and mentor students by providing their teachers with the best content and information.

As a teacher specialist, and frequent presenter on the topic of balancing the use of technology in our lives, I’ve done a lot of research and reading about the effects of technology on our cognitive well being and mental health.  Two specific books I’ve cited in my work feature research done by Dr. David Strayer from the University of Utah’s Applied Cognition Laboratory.  It was an honor to sit down with Dr. Strayer and interview him for this episode.

ISTE Criteria Addressed & Rationale

10 – Citizen: Mentor students in safe ethical and legal use, including intellectual property

Timestamp 1:19 to 2:30 – Asking Dr. Strayer what strategies teachers can use to help balance the use of technology in the classroom is intended to bring attention to the dangers of too much screen time and the need for educators to have intention when using technology.

Timestamp 3:54 – Dr. Strayer elaborates on the dangers of texting and driving.  Video also shows myself and my colleagues in the driving simulator while attempting to multitask with our phones.  This content is also used in my RESTORE presentation and is going to be shared at the upcoming Digital Teaching and Learning Conference where Utah Educators will be introduced to new curriculum designed to educate students about balancing their use of technology.

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