2019 ISTE Artifact 07

Engaging Online Learning with Canvas

ISTE Criteria Addressed & Rationale

17 -Designer: Accommodate learner differences

With Canvas as an online parallel to in-person classes, teachers have learned to leverage this blended learning tool in order to create personalized learning experiences.  Mastery Paths, for example, can be set up for students to move through at their own pace as well as along adaptive “paths” depending on how they score on an assessment or assignment.

The Engaging Online Learning course teaches our attendees how to create personalized learning experiences in Canvas for their own classes.

21 – Facilitator: Create opportunities for students to use a design process and/or computational thinking

In order to create their own courses in Canvas using conditional module formatting and Mastery Paths, teachers have to map out a design of their “Mastery Paths” and use computational thinking skills to connect assignments to quizzes and other Canvas assets in order to create the personalized learning experiences.

One key thing I’ve learned from this experience is that computers were designed by people, to think and work like people, for people.  Therefore… computer science really is just “people science.” We can apply many of the computer science theories and algorithms to our own every day thinking and decision making.

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