2019 ISTE Artifact 06

Apple Teacher MOOCs

ISTE Criteria Addressed & Rationale

7 – Leader: Model new resources or tools

Between 2014 and 2017 we saw a decline in the number of teachers attending our in-person course “Make the Most of Your Mac”.  Simultaneously we learned about the new Apple Teacher Badge program. Upon reflection on these two changes we decided to adjust our learning platform and replaced the two day in-person course with two MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).  One MOOC would parallel the Apple Teacher Mac Badge, while the second would support the iPad Badge.

After sharing the success of this MOOC course design in Canvas with my UEN Professional Development Team colleagues during our weekly planning meetings, a plan was made to add more MOOCs.  The Apple Teacher MOOC courses were then used as a template for these new MOOCs. Now, in 2019, there are 10 MOOC options in our UEN Course Catalog to serve Utah educators.

This project reflects both a modeling of new resources and a new way to manage a digital platform in order to meet the changing needs of our learning community.

See evidence for Leader 7 at timestamp 1:30 and again at the conclusion.

20 – Facilitator: Manage the use of technology for learning in a nontraditional classroom setting

Using Canvas, I created a module system with requirements and prerequisites that would allow participants to earn their respective badges from the Apple Teacher program, share reflections, and submit work at their own pace.

See evidence of Facilitator 20 at timestamp 1:00

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