2019 ISTE Artifact 05

Digital Photography In The Classroom

ISTE Criteria Addressed & Rationale

23 – Analyst: Provide alternate ways for students to show competency

Formerly a two day course, this “Introduction to Digital Photography” class was redesigned to fit a six week online format.  Our learning community has really embraced this style and registrations numbers have more than quadrupled as a result.

While the new format allows us to better meet the needs of our students, I have also redesigned the final project to allow for participants choice and voice.  Not only can they create a lesson plan utilizing the tools that are offered, we also support teachers looking for new tools that will meet the needs of their students.

The rubric for the final project in this course now includes this ISTE Standard (Analyst 7A) to insure our educators are also allowing the same student voice and choice in their own classrooms.

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