2019 ISTE Artifact 02


Summary: UCET Board & President 2014-2018

First elected to the UCET Board in 2014, I had the pleasure of working with Utah’s ISTE Affiliate for a total of four years.  Serving as a board member from 2014-15, as “President Elect” in 2015-16, President for the 2016-17 school year and overseeing the 2017 UCET Conference, and finally as “Past President” for my final year of service ending in 2018.

Watch the short video below to hear the whole story!

ISTE Criteria Addressed

5 – Leader: Promote a shared vision
6 – Leader: Advocate for equitable access
15- Collaborator: Demonstrate effective communication with all students supporters


During this time I was tasked with the following responsibilities:
(Bolded = aligns with ISTE Educator Standards)

  • Creating a theme for promoting the conference and time leading up to the event (ISTE 5)
  • Using Social Media to communicate conference vision and logistics with potential attendees and Utah educators (ISTE 5)
  • Collaborating with school district leaders, the Utah State Board of Education, and higher education entities to recruit over 1,300 attendees (ISTE 5 & 6)
  • Organizing a three day UCET Retreat in the Summer of 2016 to assign responsibilities and task for conference to each of the 21 UCET Board members. (ISTE 15)
  • Attending the ISTE 2016 Affiliates meeting (ISTE 5 & 15)
  • Supervise the planning of the conference venue and event
    • Coordinating the use of multiple buildings at the University of Utah
    • Scheduling over 300 break out sessions, lectures, Ignite Session, Over-the-Shoulder Presentations, and “Play Ground” activities (UCET 2017 Schedule)
    • Registration for over 1300 educators
    • Ordering and delivery of lunch for all attendees and vendors
    • Working with vendors from around the country and securing contracts
  • Invited, booked, and supported three keynote speakers (ISTE 5 & 15)
  • Aligning sessions to the passing of Utah House Bill 277 “Digital Teaching and Learning” to provide fair and equitable access to educational technology funding for all Utah school district. (ISTE 6)
  • Filming, editing, and production of two opening movies for the start of each day
  • Booking musical talent to perform before the start of each day of the conference

Additional Artifact – “The Story of Ed Tech”, the opening video for UCET2017

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