Ohio Digital Government Summit 2018 – Collateral Change Presentation Resources

Thank you to THE Ohio State University, eRepublic, and everyone who attended the Ohio Digital Government Summit today.  As promised, here is a PDF version of the slides I used this morning.  Although this doesn’t capture all of the interactive graphics and transitions, you will find the data and images are easy to access.
Click here to download the PDF – Collateral Change 2018 OHIO Slides

And if you’re interested in the survey results from the Google Form activity they’re all available here – Ohio DGS 2018 Collateral Change Survey Results

If you forgot your phone Ohio resultsThis is my favorite graph, the one showing results to the question on how you’d feel if you forgot your smart phone.  The results are very telling as to how dependent we have become on our digital devices.  If you answered “Crisis” or “Oh No”, like almost 75% of us did, think about what it is about your device that you depend on.  Is it for navigation? Connectivity to work or family?Access to apps and tools that allow you do to your job better?  That’s probably not a bad thing here in the year 2018. But if it’s something else, and you don’t feel good about it, what can you do take back control?

Additional resources about education and technology in Ohio in the presentation were found at:

Blended Learning & House Bill 2

Computer Science Instead of Algebra 2

Texting and Driving Law Effective October 29, 2018


2 thoughts on “Ohio Digital Government Summit 2018 – Collateral Change Presentation Resources

    1. Hi Mauro. The slideshow was created in Apple Keynote and is available above in PDF form. If you need it in Keynote format send me an email at michael.hakkarinen@gmail.com and we can talk about how to make that work for you. I’m not sure converting it from Keynote to PowerPoint will preserve all the media and formats but we can try it. Thanks!


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