Georgia Digital Government Summit 2018 “Collateral Change” Resources

Thank you Atlanta!  What a great day.  I got to meet so many nice people and really enjoyed hearing stories from everyone about “No Screen Sundays”, Tech-Free Dinners, No Device Dallas Games, and a great story about a 10 Day Meditation Retreat near Jessup, Georgia that sounds absolutely amazing.  Interested?  Click the link to learn more.

As promised, here is a PDF version of the slides I used:

Collateral Change 2018 GEORGIA

If you are concerned about computer science being taught in your Georgia K-12 Schools check out, or go directly to the Georgia Fact Sheet.

Interested in the Georgia Virtual High School program?  Check out 

Want to read more about Chromebooks in Kalb County (pronounced like cab, sorry about that) you can find the article here at the Neighbor Newspapers website.

And finally – thank you for providing support and doing all that you do with technology at the Georgia State Government.  Over 10 million people depend on you to keep their state running smoothly, something no one should take for granted.

One thought on “Georgia Digital Government Summit 2018 “Collateral Change” Resources

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk at the Summit and have shared the information with my coworkers who were interested (after they listened to me ramble for 20mins about the things you covered). I look forward to finding more of your work on this site and hopefully hearing you speak again in the future.

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