C-Forum Google Expedition & Tour

Join us today at C-Forum for a tour around the Wasatch Front of Utah!  In this Google VR Tour you’ll get to see how educational technology has changed the way students are learning in our schools, how local companies are supporting digital teaching and learning, and visit the University of Utah where the UEN PD Team works hard to create new educational resources.


Step 1: Open the Google Tour “Changes In Utah EdTech 2018” at tinyurl.com/cfortour2018 in your Google Chrome Browser or on your mobile device.

Google Cardboard IconIf you’d like to experience the tour in true virtual reality use your mobile device and look for the little Google Cardboard icon to put it in VR view.  Slip your device into a set of Google Cardboards or any VR headset that will accommodate your phone.

Step 2: Download the “Changes In Utah EdTech Google VR Tour” Changes in Utah Ed Tech Tour Questions Handout 2018 activity sheet or a make a copy for yourself in Google Drive to complete on your computer.

Step 3: Move through the eight scenes and click on the information icons to find the answers to the questions on your activity sheet.

For more information about how to create your own Google Tour in Google Tour Creator check out the Google Tour Creator Help Page.

Or, sign up for the UEN PD Two Day Course “Mixed Reality for Education” being offered this year on campus at the University of Utah.  Current UEN PD Courses are available at uen.catalog.instructure.com


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