COVITS2018: Collateral Change Presentation

Thank you everyone who attended the COVITS event in Richmond today.  You may be a crowd of “Wahoos” and “Hokies”, but I definitely enjoyed sharing with you and getting to meet people afterwards.  As promised, here is a PDF version of the slides I used:

Collateral Change 2018 Virginia COVITS

Image Link to COVITS18 Survey

How did you like that survey we did at the beginning of the presentation?  Want to see the results?  Click the image to the left to see them in a linked Google Doc.

As mentioned in the presentation, The CodeRVA High School magnet program promoting computer science is doubling in size this year.  Read more from here from the July 22, 2018 article by Justin Mattingly in the Richmond Dispatch 

If you are concerned about computer science being taught in your Virginia schools, visit for more information and download the Virginia Computer Science Fact Sheet.

Interested in the Virginia Virtual High School program?  Check out

Videos Used in the Presentation can be found at YouTube and embedded below:

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