Piktochart: Perfect for Preparing Printables and Presentations


Here’s one tool I really enjoy using.  Picktochart

It’s easy, fast, full of beautifully designed templates to help you get started, and serves multiple purposes.  You make a quick informational image, or “pictograph”, to visually display statistical information.  Or a diagram.  Concept map.  There are limitless applications for this simple cloud based design tool.

For my first “Piktochart” I created a diagram to explain the four different ways teachers can communicate and collect students work in Canvas.  Saving it to the web makes it easy to share via link or download as a PNG to embed in a blog or website, as you can see below…


Getting started is easy, especially if you already have a Google or Facebook account.  Create your free account first to make sure you like the tool, later you can “Level Up” for $39.99 per year if you need the advanced features.  Educators – you can get special pricing for the Classroom Pro Plan here.  Personally, I’ve been very happy with the free version, but I’m also not collaborating with other designers or collecting student work.

Create New Piktochart.png

Once you’re ready to give it a shot go to your Piktochart Dashboard and click the create button.  From here you’ll be taken to a new screen where you can choose which product you’d like to create – Infographic, Presentation, or Printable.

Three types of Piktocharts.png

Piktochart Tool Bar MenuWorking in Piktochart is simple. The menu buttons on the left side of the building screen allow you to add shapes and icons, lines, photos and photo frames.  Backgrounds and other images are also easy to import.  Text is added with a simple text box, but with dozens of themes and designs to choose from.  Piktochart also takes all the guess work out of having to pick and choose from different color schemes and fonts, they’ve already picked out what goes together best for you making it easy to build a professional presentation.  You can even add charts, maps, and videos with one click.

Rather than show you all the steps to create such a Piktochart watch this short intro video from the Piktochart Homepage:

Need more help to get started?  Not a problem. Piktochart has a full playlist of tutorial videos you can watch while you build, and they’re all available free at https://piktochart.com/video-tutorials/ 

Now go get Piktocharting!

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