Book Recommendation – How To Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Price

After hearing 10% Happier Podcast host Dan Harris interview Catherine Price, author of the new book How To Break Up With Your Phone, I knew right away it was time to buy this book.

breakup-with-your-phone-4-ht-thg-180320_hpEmbed_1x1_992Catherine shared some great ideas on how to control your device urges, but my favorite is the rubber band.  Try putting a rubber band around your phone so that each time you reach for it you’ll be reminded by that strange grippy band to reflect on why you’re reaching – Do you need directions on a map? Checking the schedule? Contact someone? Or… are you just bored and need a little dopamine rush from some Facebook likes or a quick scroll through Instragam?  That rubber band can be the “speedbump” you need to catch yourself before falling into that smart phone black hole.

Catherine shares more ideas in the podcast but also dives deeper into the real problem that we have with our phone and asks the tough questions about what we can do about it.  Learn more about Catherine and her book How To Break Up With Your Phone in the podcast embedded below from Stitcher, and be sure to follow Catherine on Twitter.

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