A Visit to Tallahassee


This place is beautiful.  Warm, friendly, and full of amazing flora and fauna.  The live oaks hang in the sunset over the garnet brick pathways meandering across campus, accented by spring blooms and sharp green palms.  Tallahassee wraps around the college with the State Capital standing tall to the east.  Flying in was awe inspiring as there’s nothing to see but endless green as you descend into the Tallahassee International Airport over the massive Apalachicola National Forest.

I’m looking forward to sharing my “Collateral Change” presentation with attendees of the eRepublic sponsored Florida Digital Government Summit.  From the event program…

Is there any doubt that this is the Age of Disruption? Technology is rending the fabric of society as we know it, driving historic levels of transformative change and mindboggling opportunities. But what are the consequences of this disruption on the lives of everyday citizens? The ramifications run deep, and it’s time to shift our focus from the technology to the resulting “collateral change” in human behavior. We’ve long passed some serious tipping points. This provocative session explores new communication paradigms, runaway device infatuation, generation gaps, radical education, future game-changers and creative ways to engage the “new citizen.” 

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